CAD Design

Maradu Engineering can offer to you a full service of 2D / 3D CAD Design based on Autodesk products.

CAD Design is a really important component for engineering and Maradu Engineering has all is necessary for performing this task.

We can create 3D models from a real part, from a drawing, from a sketch or even from your description. If is not necessary you don’t need to lose your time creating putting your idea in shape as close as possible of 3D model. This is our job!

Just give as your short description and we will put the relevant questions in order to fulfill your need


We can create missing parts from an assembly or we can create all the assembly that is required to have a specific function.

Regardless if you have a broken toy, a loos component or if you want to modify an existing assembly or even to create something new, we are here to help. Our experience and capabilities can easily solve this type of issue.

After 3D modeling we can easily 3D print your project so you will receive a full functional part.

For all CAD services Maradu Engineering has one single base cost: £19.00 /hour (VAT not included).