About Maradu Engineering

We are few young engineers having more than 13 years’ experience in automotive engineering and also in other engineering fields. We have decided to share our experience and our engineering view with our partners.

Having the chance to work in some of the biggest automotive companies from UK to Eastern Europe, we have a good understanding of what it means design, manufacturing, assembly and all related activities for project management. Thus, we are used to take into account all constraints in order to create a product that is feasible, functional and not for last, economical.

Maradu Engineering like ideas. Good ideas. New good ideas. But we know how difficult is to start from an idea and to obtain a final good product. Sometimes, ideas that look really great may turn out to be a non-functional product. Probably is nothing wrong with the idea but due to enthusiasm or maybe lack of experience in one specific domain this idea is impossible to be realized. And this is normal, as now days nobody can understand all domains. Team work cannot be avoided! So we, Maradu Engineering, believe that we have the capacity and experience to solve this type of issues.


Our passion for engineering has lead us to create and develop this company, hopping to be a real support for all our customers.

CAD Design Section

Our Services

Maradu Engineering is offering its services for CAD Design and 3D Printing and we treat each project with responsibility and enthusiasm.

CAD Design

3D CAD design is the way to see the part and its environment before all of this are physically created. Together with its associate drawing, 3D CAD model is necessary sometimes for manufacturing and is a must for 3D printing technologies.



3D Print

3D Print is more and more present in our lives and this is just the beginning. New technologies and applications are developed by enthusiasts or companies so it become natural to implement this solution in our projects. Even if the purpose is artistic design, prototype or functional, 3D printed parts are time and cost saving so they are a real substitute to traditional manufacturing technologies


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